K40 Modifications

Problem Statement:

The K40 delivered is as cheap as it can be for the producers to make money, and with many safety hazards not addressed.

Three options:

  • Buy a more expensive machine.
  • Adjustments, upgrades and modification.
  • Accept it for what it is.

(This is a work in progress, updates will be made over time. 04/12/2020)



We will be pursuing the upgrade and modification,  and take care of many of the safety hazards problems:

Adjustments required out of the box:

  • Carriage
  • Tension


Upgrades and Modifications

  • Drag chain here (requires simplified adjustment).
  • Control panel
  • Simplify alignment and cut area.
    • Red dot for cut location (servo will move into place when a door is ajar)
    • Mirror holder
    • Laser Head


Need to update the controller that includes a display and keyboard to remove the need for external PC.


Will let you know when finished with photos.




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