K40 power supply

Problem Statement: Need to understand the K40 power supply to build a new control pannel.   Solution: Found my power supply on Amazon: Conclusion: Simple power supply.   Reference: https://www.amazon.com/Cloudray-Laser-Power-Supply-Engraver/dp/B079M6RWZ1/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=b079m6rwz1&qid=1590457737&sr=8-1


  Problem Statement: Water protects the laser tube from overheating.  We need to test water is flowing ( 2 gps) and it’s temperature is safe (less than 35 °C/95 °F).   Solution: Water cooler Thermoelectric Cooler here: Temp Fan RPM Water RPM here (or DIY here, you need to add the sensors.) Water Temperature here:

K40 Modifications

Problem Statement: The K40 delivered is as cheap as it can be for the producers to make money, and with many safety hazards not addressed. Three options: Buy a more expensive machine. Adjustments, upgrades and modification. Accept it for what it is. (This is a work in progress, updates will be made over time. 04/12/2020)

K40 control panel

Problem Statement: The K40 control panel works by showing a percentage of the laser power.  But this does not include how many milliAmps are actually used.  Real risk of  damaging the laser.  This enhancements will make a useful panel.     Solution: Replacing the control panel will require other modification: Items to display Cabinet Lights

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