K40 control panel

Problem Statement:

The K40 control panel works by showing a percentage of the laser power.  But this does not include how many milliAmps are actually used.  Real risk of  damaging the laser.  This enhancements will make a useful panel.




Replacing the control panel will require other modification:

Items to display

  • Cabinet Lights on/off
  • Debri remover
    • Air pump 5 PSI
    • Air PSI (debri nozzle)
  • Door(s) open/ajar
    • Cutting surface door
    • Laser tube compartment
  • Temperature(s)
    • Water
    • Laser Tube Temperature
    • Water Flow meter RPM
  • Laser
    • Amperage meter
    • Laser on/off
    • Test fire laser
    • Laser firing LED
    • Power adjustment (10 turn pot)
    • Power volts display
  • Power on LED
  • Ventilation RPM



  1. 190 mm width (left/right)
  2. 180 mm depth (up/down)
  3. xx mm height

Screw holes:

  • 25 mm in on width
  • 7 mm in depth


Visible area (available for components):

  • 180 mm width
  • 145 mm depth






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